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Entrepreneurship and Your First Venture Lecture

This recurring guest lecture on “Entrepreneurship and Your First Venture” is always fun with college students, this time for Dr. Rodney Hill’s 150 student Innovation and Creativity class.  The key points:

  • Take the Unexpected Path
  • An Innovation Ecosystem
  • The Business of the Business
  • Your Venture
  • Your Plan

It’s a fun interactive session with a typically very enthusiastic group.

Financing Your Venture for EBV

This recurring speaking event at the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans is always an honor and I’m proud to say I spoken at this event for these entrepreneurs for several years now.

EO Bryan-College Station

Support group draws Bryan-College Station entrepreneurs together

Being an entrepreneur in Bryan-College Station can mean being isolated, but one organization has built a support group among certain business leaders in the area…

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