Most entrepreneurs have been taught the basics of putting together a fundraising strategy for their company, but haven’t had the benefit of understanding how angel and venture investors think and assess deals.  Some have had exposure to the concept of “smart money investors”, but haven’t been able to strategize what that means for their company and their fundraising efforts.  How this all comes together into a practical and executable fundraising strategy is the goal of this workshop.

Join a small group of fellow CEOs to understand and map out the landscape of fundraising from pre-seed funding through later stage venture capital and how it aligns with their company.  The result will be an fresh way of looking at fundraising for your company and a practical plan the aligns the way investors think and assess deals with the needs of the company.  Attendees will get to:

    • Talk about the process of targeting and developing smart money investors
    • Understand how investors assess your business including valuation
    • Develop a high level strategic plan for fundraising that fits your business
This is an active participation workshop, not a lecture, so come prepared to learn and apply concepts that you can implement immediately in your business.
 February 14, 2018 – Register through Station Houston events registration