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Entrepreneurship and Your First Venture Lecture

This recurring guest lecture on “Entrepreneurship and Your First Venture” is always fun with college students, this time for Dr. Rodney Hill’s 150 student Innovation and Creativity class.  The key points:

  • Take the Unexpected Path
  • An Innovation Ecosystem
  • The Business of the Business
  • Your Venture
  • Your Plan

It’s a fun interactive session with a typically very enthusiastic group.

Service Lines Update: Innovation and Growth!

We are proud to announce that we have divided our offerings into two major service lines, the Innovation and Growth service lines.

The Innovation service line will provide tailored services for emerging companies starting with the Concept phase through the Launch phase.   We have great experience working closely with entrepreneurs to assist them through creative lean service offerings suitable for an emerging company ranging from administration services such as accounting, payroll and general business management to specialized executive talent in part-time or “fractional” management roles.

The Growth service line will deliver a wide range of services from project based services and fractional management support to leadership development training and other service appropriate for a growing company or for those firms needing turnaround or assistance with a market pivot.

More information soon on the new service lines!